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Babirwa IT Group (Pty) Ltd, designs, installs and maintains electronic security systems to suit even the most demanding of business requirements. Camera surveillance or CCTV forms part of CSS (Centralized Security Systems). The implementation of a CCTV system dramatically improves risk management by minimizing losses incurred and increasing employee efficiency.

Babirwa IT Group (Pty) Ltd, has an established track record in the implementation of cutting edge surveillance systems. Our installed systems service major sectors including Mining & Engineering, Government, Medical, Education, Retail, Industrial, Utility Supply and Hospitality. Due to the many Sectors and their varying requirements, all our solutions are custom designed, in-house and in close co-operation with our clients.

Our Main Brands

Access Control Systems

We offer Access Control System installations and services as the process of restricting and monitoring access to a site or area. This means that not only are you no longer reliant on physical keys to restrict access, but also that you are able to see who accessed your site, and when the breach occurred.

Other Advantages of using electronic access control include the ability to deny users access remotely if they are suspect, allowing access according to schedules. Biometric uses the measurement of some part of the body to determine a users’ identity. 

Electric Fencing

Babirwa IT Group (Pty) Ltd offers new installation, fault finding, repairs, maintenance and upgrading of electric fences. Call us for Professional customer service and quality workmanship. Babirwa gives you the best quality electric fencing products on the market. An electric fence acts as a deterrent and we have observed that an electrified wall is not a soft target for criminals.

Intercom Systems

We offer solutions built with material of the best brands, to ensure that your intercom system will last long without problems and with high quality performance. An intercom completes any access control system by providing a means for the user of screening visitors before granting access, thereby significantly increasing security. Babirwa IT Group (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range in installation and service of intercom systems from the standard one to one to the more advanced IP based intercom systems.

We offer the most advanced intercom systems to meet your needs: GSM based systems that eliminate the need for wiring and can handle up to a thousand users (ideal for estates and complexes). We still offer hard-wired systems that are more robust and traditionally viewed as more reliable than wireless technology.

Products Include:


Alarm Systems

Babirwa IT Group (Pty) Ltd offers the best alarm system installation and services on the market and use cutting-edge technology that affords you control of your alarm system with the use of a mobile app or SMS commands.

Products Supported Include:


Gate Motors

Installation and maintenance of Gate Motors

We supply wide range of gate automation products for both sliding and swing gates. From household gates, weighing at 295 kg to industrial gates, including automation solution for you, and simple ways of keeping the gate motor in good condition, to lessen the hassle of maintain each and every time.

Note that installation and repair of gate motors will be offered to you, for we are here , and at your service.